How It Works


Create an account for free in minutes. Sellers need to verify their identities with a government issued ID before they will be allowed to use the website.


All content uploaded by Sellers will be automatically blurred until it is purchased by the Buyer who will see the non blurred content (with the exception of profile pictures)


Buyers can filter Sellers by age, race, gender, foot size, pricing and tags such as #socks #tattoo etc. to find their ideal Seller.


Buyers can either purchase pre-uploaded content or submit requests to Sellers for custom content. Premium Buyers can message Sellers as they wish.


Sellers can accept or reject offers from Buyers. If they accept, the Seller uploads the requested content which is automatically blurred allowing the Buyer to see a preview. If both parties agree the content is acceptable, the Buyer is billed, the Seller is paid, and the content is un-blurred for the Buyer to view.


To get paid, users will need to complete the payout sign up which can be found in the Earnings tab. Users in the US and Canada can submit the required info through FeetFinder, but Sellers in other countries will need to create a Paxum account.