What feet are considered attractive?

May 21, 2021

What feet are considered attractive?

Selling or purchasing feet content is completely legal.  In order to sell feet pics, you need to be 18 or above it is highly important. Also, you can keep your identity private once you are verified on FeetFinder. 

Whenever anyone comes to know that they can earn a good amount of money by just uploading some pics of their feet, they get quite excited. However, making money from feet pictures is not that easy. To make money you have to get better camera equipment and will also have to take care of your feet. How to sell feet pics? Is the next question everyone has.

Well, once you are done all you need is to take some good feet pics. Before taking the pictures make sure to clean your feet and make them presentable for better results. You can go through the best seller accounts on FeetFinder and understand their strategy and quality of the content.

Every feet content site is different from the other and has different requirements as well.  FeetFnder is the best website to sell feet content as they have the most traffic and buyers so your chances of selling feet pics are much higher.

There are numerous reasons for people to buy feet content apart from the foot fetish community. There are many people who adore feet and are interested to buy their pictures. Many different brands and companies buy feet content for better advertisement. However, to make the idea clear, the type to people require feet pictures are:

  • Feet lovers
  • Production companies
  • Stock Photo Sites
  • Painters
  • Modeling

If you do not have any issue regarding modeling work, you can also sell feet pics to different marketing companies, brands, or to individual consumers around the globe. Be cautious of the scammers as they can be tricky. This is why FeetFinder was made to prevent scammers and create a safe environment for foot models and foot lovers.

What feet are considered attractive?

While people may think people with a foot fetish are just attracted to feet, there are a ton of subcategories that people are interested in such as socks, heels, soles, dirty feet, and pedicures.  Most often people like clean feet as that typically sells best but there is still a market for ugly and dirty feet.  There are three main things that you could work on to improve your feet. 

Smooth sexy skin:

With the growing beauty trends and several advanced products, people are going to their extreme limits to get flawless skin. The main goal for everyone is to have a younger look and a natural glow to their skin. A smooth-looking skin can make your feet look more attractive. The most challenging part to take care of feet skin is to prevent it from drying out. 

There are several kinds of foot creams and moisturizers that help to keep your feet' skin soft and vibrant. However, you have to use these moisturizers or foot creams repetitively to maintain skin health as the skin around the feet is much thicker and moisturizers are less effective. 

Another way to make the tough skin around the feet soft is by exfoliating it often. Urea-based skin creams are often recommended to remove extremely dry skin and dead cells from feet. When you visit a dermatologist their prior goal is to remove the superficial layer of dead cells and dry skin to expose the smooth and vibrant skin below. 

Currently, the latest trend of chemical peel has been introduced. It is quite similar to the treatment dermatologist perform for skin exfoliation. In the chemical peel process, your feet are placed into the solution for an hour. The feet are then rinsed and dried out. Within few days the upper layer of your skin starts to get peeled off painlessly and expose the baby skin hidden below the dead skin cells. 

Another thing people consider ugly is varicose veins. Large and noticeable veins are generally considered healthy and look good but tiny spider veins are not attractive. These spider veins occur when the larger veins have worked overly and blood needs smaller vessels to travel through the body. 

The old way to treat these spider veins is by wearing compressed garments to apply pressure on the foot and legs to help the weaker veins work efficiently. Nowadays, there are more aggressive treatments done by laser or by injection. 

The laser treatment helps to shrink the spider veins and cause the distended blood to go somewhere else. It is the best way to get rid of spider veins but the process is not permanent the veins can reappear. The treatment through injection is done by injecting sterilized water into to veins which causes them to disappear.

Pretty nails:

Many people have decolored and thick nails which make their feet less attractive. The discoloration and thickness may be due to stumped nails or fungal infection. A little discoloration that appears as the result of any injury goes away with time. However, if your nails are thick and yellow it can be due to a fungal infection. The most effective treatments for this condition are oral pills, topical creams, and lacquers. However, Emery boards can be effective to reduce the thickness. 

To keep your nails healthy, book yourself a pedicure appointment monthly. However, be cautious while selecting the facility as some pedicure salons use recycled water and do not sterilize their equipment after every appointment. Compromising on such a service can cause you infected ingrown toenails. 

Direct your pedicurist to cut your nails straight and be gentle while digging around to avoid ingrown. Do not forget to ask about the water, clean instruments, and chairs of a pedicure salon.

Foot curves:

The structure of your feet is very important to differentiate them into attractive or ugly feet. Hammertoes or prominent bones can be quite unpleasant. Unless you do not have any disease or pain surgery is not an option. Minor outpatient procedures can help you to improve your structural deformities and make your feet more attractive.

Generally, there are many different feet types like Greek, Egyptian, Roman depending on the long bones and toe length. In ancient times, there was a trend in China where people used to bind their daughter's feet to restrict them from growing therefore they look more elegant and feminine. 

In the foot fetish community people can go beyond limits to get the perfect length and look they desire to make their feet appear highly attractive. However, today things are much simpler. We do not have to go to extreme levels to attain pretty feet. 

By following these three steps you can easily attain the attractiveness you desire for your feet and can earn better. As it says the more effort you put in the more you gain from it. According to the golden ratio, Meghan Markle has the prettiest and gorgeous feet in the world. However, Emma Watson is near to the perfect standard. 




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