What Is a Foot Fetish and How Does It Start?

February 15, 2021

What Is a Foot Fetish and How Does It Start?

A fetish, simply put, is something that arouses you sexually-that is considered “abnormal” by societal standards. A fetish can be a sound, a smell, an object, a woman’s complexion, or eye color. It can be food or an article of clothing. Fetishes are intensely personal and many people who have them keep them secret for fear of being ostracized. 

Usually, fetishes materialize out of some event that shocked, traumatized, or just plain excited you. For instance, let’s say that one night, a woman that you’re on a date with decided to put on lipstick in front of you. You watched as she slowly glided the color over her lips and then wet them. Something in your brain got “triggered” and it excited you. Later on, you might find watching women apply makeup enticing. 

The interesting thing about foot fetishes is it’s totally different from other body part obsessions. Take a woman’s breasts. Some men enjoy large, round boobs, and others like small, flat ones. Loving feet is a lot broader in range. Some fetishist that are into feet only loves to see a girl clipping her nails. Others fantasize about the wrinkled soles of her feet. And some just want pics of a high arch. 

In my experience, since foot lovers tend to be more on the submissive side, entry into this world is quite excellent for a kinky dominatrix. Of course, high heels and black patent leather will follow. 

We all have fetishes, some of which are deeply hidden or embarrassing, but they are there. The good thing about a site like FeetFinder is fetishes are welcomed and encouraged. Men and women who enjoy  looking at feet are inundated with all types of feet and their foot “partners” such as: 




Foot Jewelry

And much more. FeetFinder is by far the best website to satisfy all foot cravings. 



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