Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

April 21, 2021

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Many people who buy feet pics often do so because they have a foot fetish.  Buying feet pictures is not illegal, just like selling feet pictures is not illegal as long as everyone is 18+ and consenting to content being sold. Some countries have different laws based on religion but in most areas of the world, it is allowed.

Many people try and sell feet pictures on social media and use payment methods such as Cashapp or Paypal.  These sites are big no-nos for buying and selling feet pics since they do not technically allow users to do so and if caught, could have your accounts banned, deleted or locked!

That's why we made FeetFinder to ensure all our Sellers are legally 18+ and ID verified and the buyers are heavily monitored to prevent scammers and attempting to steal free content. With our adult-friendly payment facilitator, you never have to worry about your accounts being banned or locked up and can ensure the people you are talking with and buying content from are real.

Something you should also pay attention to if you are selling feet pictures is taxes.  While many countries tax laws vary, in the US if you make over $600 per year, you would need to report your earnings the great thing about FeetFinder is if you make over $600 per year on our site we will send you all the forms to ensure you don’t run into any legal trouble!

FeetFinder also has numerous built-in firewalls and encrypted servers to ensure all your personal data is secure and no users can ever access it.




9 days ago

I sell: content and custom videos/photos, soles, toes, nails, nylon, tights, socks, sneakers, clean/dirty, showing leg and rear. Showing face will cost $2-3 more. I also do chats. Please be detailed and specific when sending in your request.

a month ago

I'm new to feetfinder, come check my profile out. Down for requests on pictures & videos.