How To Avoid and Report Scammers

October 14, 2020

How To Avoid and Report Scammers

Social media is flooded with scammers, bots, and people looking to steal your information.  If you have been selling or buying feet content for a while you are probably pretty good at spotting scammers or have unfortunately been scammed yourself.  FeetFinder was started to create a safe and secure place for all users to buy and sell feet content. We have spent a lot of time, energy, and money to ensure our platform is safe and free of scammers and bots.  This blog will describe the different types of scammers on social media and how to report and prevent them from making their way to FeetFinder.

Sugar Daddy Scammers

The sugar daddy scammers are typically easy to spot.  They will comment or DM you saying they want to “spoil you” with a “weekly allowance”.  All you have to do is “text their number”.  This is almost always a scammer! Do not comment on their post or respond to their message! Instead, please “report” this user.  You can also report the user’s post on the feed with the three dots in the top right of the post.  When a post gets reported three (3) times, it is removed from the feed for the admins to review.  Please report any and all of these “sugar daddy, text me” posts to remove them from the feed. We have admins monitoring the feed, but with your help, it makes our lives easier, and we can focus on continuing to add awesome new features.  Do not ever text the users to avoid any and al scams.  If you text the scammer outside of FeetFinder, we are not able to help so make sure to keep all communication on FeetFinder the chat.

Free Content Scammers

The next type of scammer is someone who will try and get free content from Sellers. On social media, this scammer will message you asking to see a “preview” of your feet.  Once you send the photo or video, they will block you and not pay you.  You are unable to report the user to Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat since you were not allowed to sell feet content there in the first place.  This is why it’s essential you sell content on FeetFinder.  The Buyer sees a blurred preview of the photo or video and can’t see the full version until they have paid.  If there are any issues, our admins are able to help you, unlike social media.  

Gift Card Scammers

Scammers will always look for ways to make a quick buck.  One of these ways is users who ask you to pay them so they can give you a gift card with tons of money.  This is false and you will lose money.  Any time a user mentions gift cards, it should be a red flag.  They ask for gift cards so the payment can not be traced back to them.  FeetFinder Buyers must pay with a card so we can ensure the person making the purchase is real.  Another reason to use FeetFinder to buy and sell compared to social media.

Chargeback Scammers

If you have sold feet content on social media you may have experienced a scammer who attempted a chargeback.  A chargeback is when a purchase is made, the user who made said purchase tells their bank it was fraud so they get the money back and you have to pay a fee.  With FeetFinder, we pay that fee if a chargeback ever occurs saving you money and stress.  We have features and security in place to fight all chargebacks and have a strict rule to ban any and all users, Buyers, or Sellers, who attempt a chargeback.  If there is a type of scammer we missed, let us know in the comments and we can add it!  

FeetFinder is always working to add new features and improvements to keep the site safe and scammer fee.  With our users' help to report suspicious feeds and scammers, we can ensure FeetFinder remains a safe and secure environment to buy and sell custom foot content.