How Much Do You Get Paid For Feet Pics?

May 28, 2021

How Much Do You Get Paid For Feet Pics?

To start as a feet pics seller, you are required to be at least 18 years old or above and have a government verified ID to testify your identity. In most countries like Canada, the USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand selling feet content is legal. Though, some countries do restrict it due to some laws and religious practices. However, it is illegal for you in any country if you are a minor. 

Now as you know the basic requirements you might want to know how to sell feet pics? The best, safest, and top-rated website to sell feet pics is FeetFinder. FeetFinder was built specifically for buying and selling feet content and all users are anonymous and scam free so you can ensure a pleasant experience

FeetFinder is one of the secure sites where you can sell and buy the best feet content. FeetFinder is a PCI-compliant website that means one does not have to fear compromising their personal data or information and can effortlessly make profits through it. 

Every seller at FeetFinder is verified by government ID which cuts the risk of getting scammed or impropriety. It certifies that the content available comes from actual people.  

FeetFinder enables buyers to buy pictures and videos individually from sellers. Sellers can build a model page to display their feet content and can specify it in a certain category like heels, nail paints, soles lotions, and more. If the seller does not prefer to disclose their identity they can keep it private. FeetFinder is one of the best feet content sellers in the market. Therefore, if you are interested in the side hustle it is worth using.

Before taking the pictures make sure to clean your feet and make them presentable for better results. You can also go through the best seller accounts on the preferred site to understand their strategy and the quality of the content.

There are many people who adore feet from the foot fetish community and there are numerous reasons for others to buy feet pics as well like many different brands and companies buy feet content for better advertisement.

According to some foot fetish, the most gorgeous feet are the ones with painted nails, high arches, soft shiny soles, and long skinny soles with long toes. If you lack these traits, don’t worry because it is just a perspective. You can still make your feet look beautiful by taking proper care and maintaining their hygiene. 

Book pedicure appointments monthly to the best pedicure salon. Be cautious while selecting the salon as some pedicure salons use recycled water and do not sterilize their tools after every appointment. Compromising on such service can cause you infected ingrown toenails. 

Direct your pedicurist to cut your nails straight and be gentle while digging around to avoid ingrown. Do not forget to ask about the water, cleaning instruments, and chairs of a pedicure salon. Try to click some pictures of your feet from various angles to find the best one and upload it to your account. 

How much do you get paid for feet pics?

There is no fixed price for feet content. Anyone can easily earn from $5 to $1000 and if the quality is good, even more. It all depends upon the quality and custom requests. You might feel surprised to know that people are willing to pay that huge price for your feet pictures and there are a lot of people who are earning more than $1000 a month. For example, Jessica Gould a Canadian woman earns more than $90,000 every year from Instagram by selling feet content.

Therefore, there is no standard price for feet content. The cost of the picture depends upon the attractiveness of your feet and your picture quality. To sell feet pics you can create various albums with different categories like painted nails, dirty feet, and more. If you are selling your feet content on FeetFinder, you can add more than 5 pictures or a video to your single album. Users without premium access can upload at least 10 albums and only if someone purchases their album they can upload another. However, a single album can be purchased several times by different buyers. 

Be sure to have a good blend of feet content and try to come up with different categories as every buyer has a different taste for feet content. On FeetFinder an average feet pic sells for $22 and videos for $19.

Generally, buyers prefer to buy albums as previews as albums are much cheaper than individual pictures. They also often message the seller to get to know them and make some custom offers. A buyer can easily pay an unreasonable amount of cash if they love your feet pics. Therefore, do not hesitate to collaborate with the buyers and increase your content cost for any custom requests. 

As mentioned above there is no specific standard of feet attractiveness everyone has a different perspective and taste. We highly recommend you have different prices for different content. A few cheap albums (around $5), a few mid priced albums ($10-$15) and finally a few expensive albums ($20+) to ensure there are different options. Remember, it is much easier to get a lot of people to spend a little amount of money compared to a lot of money from a couple users!




9 days ago

I sell: content and custom videos/photos, soles, toes, nails, nylon, tights, socks, clean/dirty, showing leg and rear. Showing face will cost $2-3 more. I also do chats. Please be detailed and specific when sending in your request.

18 days ago

I've had a great experience so far selling on FeetFinder :)