How Did FeetFinder Start?

August 13, 2020

How Did FeetFinder Start?

FeetFinder was started over a year ago not by men who loved feet and wanted a place to purchase content, but rather by a team who saw problems in the industry such as scammers, time wasters, accounts being deleted on social media and more.  We decided it was time to put an end to all that by creating FeetFinderFeetFinder is the first and only PCI compliant website for ID verified users to buy and sell custom feet content.  However, the path to creating this website was no easy task.

Our team did not have any previous experience in the adult industry and wanted to ensure FeetFinder was built by the community for the community.  We created the FeetFinder Twitter and after a few days already had hundreds of followers who loved the idea.  Rather than create the website how we thought people would like it, we had the FeetFinder community give feedback on designs and features so we knew you'd like it.  FeetFinders goal was to make the community feel like they had a big part in the creation of the website and ensure everyone's voices were heard.  We continue to post new ideas and listen to any and all feedback and concerns to ensure we continue building the best platform for all things feet.

At FeetFinder, we also find it important to hire people with experience in the industry. Whether that be men with a passion for feet or girls who have worked for other adult companies or on cam websites, we understand their knowledge and respect for the industry will ensure the website's success.  We will continue to hire people within the community or with experience in the adult industry to ensure our team reflects our users and community.

We have spent a lot of time (and money) to ensure FeetFinder is safe and secure for all users.  FeetFinder is PCI Compliant which means we can ensure the card information you upload to the website is safe and our website security means a regulated standard.  We also understand the importance of privacy especially when it comes to this industry.  We will never sell our users data to outside companies and continue to improve web security to ensure our users and community their information is private and safe.

FeetFinder is only a few months old and we have some big plans!  We will continue to add new features and improve the website listening to the community's feedback. We will never settle and we want to thank you all for the amazing support as we continue to grow and improve.  It has been amazing creating this platform for you all and we are excited for what the future holds. 



8 months ago

Hope to see this platform grow immensely within the next year. Felt like i was waiting a year for it to come out so far its worth it.