Feeture Friday-Soley Zara

September 25, 2020

Feeture Friday-Soley Zara

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome back to our Blog, this week we had the chance to talk with the beautiful SoleyZara. Here's what she had to say:

1.How did you get started selling feet content?

I got started selling foot fetish content at the end of 2019 after previous failed attempts to do so on Instagram I created a Twitter account and found some success. I love photography so much I even studied it! Not just photography videography as well, the idea of making money and doing what I love at the same time sounded too compelling not to keep going until I saw the results I knew I was capable of. I had been watching people make money from Findom for years prior and figured if they can why can’t I?

2. How long have you been selling feet content?

I’ve been selling feet content for almost two years now!

3. What type of content have you noticed sells the best?

My best selling content is and probably always will be self-worship videos. It means you suck on your own toes ;) Not everyone is comfortable with it but if you are…. give it a try!

4. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

I personally mentor anyone looking to get started selling feet content so I actually have tons of tips and guidelines for newbies but to start first and foremost the number one rule is never to send content without receiving your payment from the customer first! @Soleyzara is my twitter if you’d like to reach out and pick my brain!

5. Do your friends/family know you sell feet content? If so, how did they find out?

Yes, most of my friends know that I sell feet content and they found out either from social media or me telling them directly. I do not believe my family knows and it doesn’t matter to me either way!

6. Why do you like FeetFinder to sell your content?

I enjoy using FeetFinder to sell my content because of its exclusively for feet content. It can be hard on other platforms when customers are approaching you for a type of content you don’t offer. I’ve gotten asked "do you only sell feet?" numerous times! I also love that FeetFinder doesn’t require a subscription to purchase content since some customers aren’t comfortable with those types of platforms.

7. Do you have any funny stories or experiences selling foot content?

The funniest story so far is probably getting my boyfriend to tickle my feet for a video. He was really nervous but enjoyed it at the same time and tried to make the video look good. It was funny and cute! People think of me a lot when they see cute socks or heels now as well haha. Other than that just being asked are those really your feet? Hundreds of times as if I'd be stealing someone else’s feet photographs which I know many girls do … I highly advise against this as it makes YOU a scammer. Try to be as honest as possible all of the time.

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