Broke? Hungry? Sell Feet Pictures!

February 3, 2021

Broke? Hungry? Sell Feet Pictures!

Picture it: You’re almost done with finals and your brain is getting ready to explode. Your back aches and your eyes are getting watery. You get up from your tiny desk to take a much-needed break and wander into the University cafeteria. The scent of grilled cheese and burgers fill the air. Your tummy rumbles and you realize you’re hungry. You reach into your wallet and pull out...nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. You have no money and you can’t hit your parents up for more money just yet. 

What do you do now???

What can a poor, starving college student do to make a few extra bucks in her spare time with limited resources? 

Ever thought of selling feet pictures

Yes, actual pictures of your feet. Sound strange? Not really. The “foot industry” is hot and it’s getting hotter every year. There are MILLIONS of men, and some women, who will pay top dollar for feet pics. But the question remains: How can you sell them and where do you begin? 

Well...a few tips from a pro (me) on how to get started in the foot fetish industry. 

1. You’ll need a good camera to start with. You want your clients to keep on coming back for more, right? Taking great, high-quality pictures with a good resolution is key! Take multiple pictures of your soles, your toes, your nails, the arches, birthmarks or anything that sets you apart from the rest.

2. Keep in mind that pretty feet aren’t the only feet that can make you money to afford that grilled cheese sandwich. Ugly feet, flat feet, large toes, long nails, painted nails, missing toes, and anything unique is also bestsellers.

3. Showing your face is NOT necessary! No one has to know that you’re doing this unless you want to tell them. My best selling feet pics show only that: My feet.

4. You’ll need a good working computer to upload your pics and a good free program, like Movavi, to clean up any blurs, dark spots, or anything that might detract from your high-quality content. Keep in mind that clients are PAYING for your content! The higher the quality of your pictures, the more money in your pocket.

5. And the most important factor in selling feet pics is….( drum roll ) you need to treat this like a job. Yes, a job! But why? Isn’t this just a quickie get rich quick scheme? This is work. Actual work. You’ll have customers that will require you to take pictures in sandals, high heels and dirty sneakers. You’ll have clients that will require you to take pics of your feet fresh from a pedicure. That requires due diligence and a level of (casual) professionalism. This is your specialty brand that will enable you to get more clients who will pay more money. Building clients does take time and you shouldn’t get discouraged if it doesn’t pick up immediately. Keep at it and the clients (and money) will come. 

The best site for selling feet pics is FeetFinder. FeetFinder is model friendly and easy to navigate. Sign up today for excellent service and quick responses.

Article by: After Dark Academy, LLC




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